I was walking down the stairway of where i used to live when all of a sudden a cherry blossom stood in my way in the middle of grey steps and dusty windows, blooming in different nounces of  pink. That was when the night turned from random sequences into a lucid tale. I tried to keep calm in order to be in this sensitive state for just a little longer.

I started to observe the pink tree with my rational ability, it looked like a water painting. The blossom that I was looking at slowly transformed from my scribbled idea of a cherry tree into a razor sharp realistic version of itself when everything around it was still blurred and aqueous.

I translated this experience into a visual concept. Only selected parts of a piece would make perfect sense and they would start to vanish into constructional senselessness.

I grew up in Berlin, having a german mom, going to a german school and had mostly german friends while I was a child. But i’m not. so i’m trying to figure out where my roots are which has also affected my dreams a lot. 

Visiting my family in Havana, Cuba inspired me for the choice of colors. The sea, the fog on the mountains, the buildings and cars. The deconstructed net sleeve is an attribute to mosquito nets which are absolutely necessary for dreaming in peace.

Design/Concept/Photography Lucy Cabrera Pedroso

Assistant Ernst Van Hoek

Muse Linda

Special thanks to Bettina Cabrera Pedroso